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Zulufadder is a charity organization helping vulnerable children and youth in South Africa. Zulufadder wants to help as many children as it can in the rural areas around Eshowe, which has a high incidence of HIV and AIDS. Some of the children are also infected and have to receive treatment and, generally, they are obliged to live with grandparents, great grandparents other family members or friends. It is not unusual for several children to live with their carer in one basic mud brick cottage. They can, usually, not afford food, clothing and medical care and sometimes cannot attend school for lack of clothing and books. 


About the Organization

Zulufadder has 35 local staff, who all love their work. The organisation has a kindergarten, food hall, possibility to follow up sick kids, school uniform and more. The goal is that all the children will have the possibility for a quality education and have a safe and happy childhood. 


Antima’s Involvement

Double layer wool blankets

We started our collaboration with Zulufadder in 2016. Since then we’ve worked closely with the organization and been on two missionary trips. ACF decided that our first donation would go towards 450 double layered wool blankets to keep families warm during the coldest months of the year.

Gratton School

ACF visited Gratton school for the first time in 2017. We were very impressed with the school and knew we wanted to do a collaboration. Gratton has grown rapidly and they explained all the work they had done since Zulufadder became involved back in 2010. At that time Gratton school had ten students. Now the school has just under 400 students and 24 full time teachers. We believe that the first step to a good education is by hiring great teachers. All the teachers have a university degree. As we participated in classes and spoke to the teachers we learned that they were in need of school books. Up until that point the teachers had to write everything on the board, spending much more time then needed. ACF donated book for each subject, to every student at the school. This has made it easier and quicker to learn, both in the classrooms and with the homework.

House renovation

During our first missionary trip we gave one lucky family a house renovation. We were informed that a family was living in difficult conditions and that they had several children. We visited their home and the family received new furnitures, toiletries, kitchen supplies, food, school supplies and clothes for each member of the family. We are raising money to build a completely new house for the family. They are now part of the Zulufadder organization and is receiving a monthly food package and a school education. 

Home visits  & Food Donations

 During our trip in 2017 we organized food donations in several villages to families in desperate need of food. They received a food pack that would last each family for several weeks. In addition to food we also gave clothes, toys, candles, rain jackets, sanitary supplies and school supplies. This was held at Zulufadders multi- purpose halls. Some of these families have never tasted chicken and rarely tasted rise. To see their joy as we handed these items out was the highlight of the trip. 

During our two missionary trips in 2017 and 2018 we made it a priority to do home visits. ACF have visited around 50 families that are in the Zulufadder system and donated food, clothes and toys to the families. 

Youth meeting

ACF held a youth meeting at a local church during our second missionary trip in 2018. Around 150 girls and boys attended. We discussed many topics such as responsibilities, education, career, cultural differences, reproduction and the importance of respecting woman. Several people from Antima Charity Foundation spoke about these matters. Our goal with the meeting was that these youths could find better role models to look up to and make wiser decisions about their future.

Medical support

ACF is providing a yearly food sponsoring to one of the poorest families in Durban. Their son received medical attention and has completely recovered. He is attending kindergarten and will be sponsored through primary and secondary school. Our next goal is to help more children that is in need of medical attention. ACF wants to be part of developing a system that can detect sick children quickly and give them the care that they need and deserve.