Mother Theresa Charitable Trust

Mother Teresa Foundation is a non - government development organization working for the unwanted, uncared and unloved in the society. It is because the most terrible poverty in the world is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. Since its inception, following the footprints of its patron Mother Teresa, The Foundation has been concentrating in the field of education and health of the poor and downtrodden in various ways. The Foundation has been collaborating with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental towards bringing up the poor children, women and farmers in the mainstream of life.


Antima’s Involvement

Antima Charity Organization visited and financially supported a Mother Teresa orphanage in Mumbai, India. While visiting the center we met with the children and adults living there and had the opportunity to hear some of their stories. Our contributed went to help paying for the expenses that the orphanage was not able to pay.