Collective Calling

Collective Calling was established in 2015 helping the beach rescues and camp support of refugees. Their mission is to empower and bring dignity back to the lives of the people they serve. They believe that a collective force of individuals, who have had a calling to help those in need, can bring hope in times of darkness, and can make a powerful impact on the suffering of humanity. They have teamed up with entrepreneurs, service organisations, churches, companies and compassionate individuals. Collective Calling are committed to fulfilling projects that will provide a lasting impact for their beneficiaries.

Picture from website

Picture from website

Antima’s Involvement

Antima Charity Foundation have visited different homeless communities in Marbella. We have donated clothes, shoes, food, cookers, worm blanket/sleeping bags and tents to the homeless. We have spent most of our time listening and simply being there for them. We are creating lists over all the homeless communities which is giving us a overall understanding of each place. We are collecting names and how they wish to be helped. ACF is also in the legal process of applying for passport and identity documentations for multiple of the people we have met. We believe that this will make it easier to apply for a job so that they can be financially independent and start their life over. 

In the beginning of this year we joined Collective Calling for on of their food donations. This was held at the local community center in Marbella. We helped prepare food and drinks to the event. The evening was spent helping out, getting to know some local families, eating some great food and enjoying the live performance. 

Since then we have been gathering clothes and toys to donate to the community centers for the poor and homeless. We are also donating furnitures and kitchen appliances from our renovation projects.