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Ciudad de Los Niños

There are 46 children in the orphanage program. 29 of these kids live in the main orphanage. These are boys between the age of 4 and 17 year old. Many of them have fled from other countries, others are Spanish citizens and can not live with their family or at a foster home for various reasons. Malaga orphanage is dedicated to giving these children a happy and safe place to grow up. They are all attending public school which is helping to integrate the children. At the age of 18 they can no longer stay at the orphanage due to the need of housing other children under the age of 18. 


Antima’s Involvement

We recently invited the children to spend a fun day with us at Aventura Amazonia. This is the largest adventure park in Andalusia. The corse has 13 challenges including zip lines and the average hight is 9 meters.  We could see that the children loved it and worked together to complete each challenge. This course helped build their self esteem and we had a great time seing all the children having fun.  

We have planned multiple day trips this year and we know that this is something the boys look forward to. The next trip will be a day at the beach where we will plan games and competitions followed by a meal together. 

When visiting the children last year we felt the urge to help smoothen the transaction from moving away from the orphanage. At the age of 18 the children can no longer live there due to the need of housing younger children. Most of these kids do not have anywhere else to go and Antima Charity Foundation want to secure that non of the boys end up homeless. ACF is contributing financially during the first step of becoming independent young adults. We are also teaming up with organizations that can house the boys that turn 18 and guiding them into a job that will give them a financial security for the future.