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Against Malaria

Every two minutes, a child dies from malaria- a deadly, yet preventable disease caused by a single mosquito bite. Refugees, pregnant woman, and children are the most venerable to this decease.

Malaria kills half a million people every year and 400 million fall ill. 70% of the deaths are children under 5. One net cost 1.9 $ and can protect two people from malaria. The nets are estimated to last for 3 years. Before bed nets were made available, it was three or more times that. Malaria is also a economic issue. Malaria is the single greatest drag on the economy of Africa. Every 1$ spent fighting malaria efficiently improves the GDP of the continent of Africa by 12M. 


About the Organization

Against Malaria is one of the most famous malaria foundations in the world. Their three main focuses are focusing on a specific intervention, anti-malaria bednets, and particularly long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). Anti-malaria bednets reduce illness and prevent deaths. This means the potential impact on lives saved and health improved per dollar donated is high. Second, they have an operating model that has proved highly effective: a lean organisational structure, significant leveraging of technology and a pro bono partnership and distribution partner model. This means that the costs are exceptionally low. Third, the organization place great emphasis on the preparation, carrying out and follow up of distributions to ensure the potential impact of distributing nets is realised. They report on this transparently and in detail


Agains Malaria has so far raised 71,314,675 nets and has surely
saved a great amount of lives.


What Antima is Doing

Antima has participated in sending down mosquito nets. These were all sent to Ghana. The risk of Malaria is very high throughout the whole of Ghana and the country is ranked among the top of malaria incidents pr year. The nets were distributed to a primary school. There was held a presentation for the children/parents about the danger of malaria and how to use the nets properly.